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Festival Trailer for 'Group Therapy' Doc Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris | FirstShowing.net The Global Tofay Global Today

Festival Trailer for ‘Group Therapy’ Doc Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris

by Alex Billington
May 31, 2024
Source: YouTube

“I think stand-up seems wrought with so much insecurity.” Hartbeat has revealed the first official trailer for a documentary titled Group Therapy, a film about comedians and mental health. This is premiering in a few weeks at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival, hence the trailer showing up now before its debut. Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat is a global media company creating entertainment at the intersection of comedy & culture. Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, Group Therapy is a witty exploration of mental health challenges through relatable conversations, striking a balance between depth and levity. “Sharing is therapeutic.” Anchored by Harris as a moderator, Group Therapy features humorous conversations with Mike Birbiglia, Nicole Byer, Gary Gulman, London Hughes, Tig Notaro, and Atsuko Okatsuka. Berkeley implements a clever framing of this ensemble narrative as we listen in on the comedians bravely revealing the connections between their professional comedy journeys and mental health struggles. Sounds good! Check out the first footage below.

Here’s the festival promo trailer (+ poster) for Neil Berkeley’s doc Group Therapy, direct from YouTube:

Group Therapy First Look

Hosted by the Tony and Emmy award-winning performer – Neil Patrick Harris – Group Therapy is a comedy-forward documentary features Tig Notaro, Nicole Byer, Mike Birbiglia, London Hughes, Gary Gulman, and Atsuko Okatsuka, as they bravely share the intricate connections between their professional and mental health journeys. Through candid group dialogues, personal confessions, and archival stand-up footage, the film offers a revelatory, emotional, hilarious exploration into various critical conversations about mental health in our culture today. Group Therapy is a documentary directed by award-winning producer / filmmaker Neil Berkeley, director of the doc films Beauty Is Embarrassing, Harmontown, and Gilbert, plus the “Huddle for 100” doc series previously. It’s produced by Kevin Hart, Bryan Smiley, Kevin Healey, Luke Kelly-Clyne, Errol Sadler, David Heiman. This is premiering at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival in the Spotlight+ section this summer. No release date is set yet – stay tuned for updates. Who’s interested?


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