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‘The maddest story ever told’
Spider Baby is a 2024 horror remake of the 1967 cult classic by Jack Hill, the executive producer of this movie.

Written and directed by Dustin Ferguson (Space Sharks; Mega ApeBeyond the Gates of HellAmityville in the HoodZombi VIII: Urban DecayApex PredatorsEbola Rex vs. Murder HornetsRattlers 2ArachnadoAmityville Toybox and many, many more). Produced by way too many people to mention.

A pair of greedy relatives try to repossess the Merrye Estate. But the inbred children will protect their home and bloodline at all costs.

The SoCal Cinema Studios production stars Beverly Washburn, Brinke Stevens, Robert Allen Mukes, Vida Ghaffari, Peter Stickles, Ron Chaney, Traci Burr, Jennifer Moriarty, Noel Jason Scott, Jack La Pick, Christopher Bryan Gomez, Brad Banacka, Cody J. Briscoe, Skylar Fast, Freddy John James, Emma Keifer, Sophiah Koikas, Crystal Loverro, Breana Mitchell, Erik Anthony Russo and Daniel J. Stier.


Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Blu-ray trailer:

Cast and characters:
Beverly Washburn … Meredith
Brinke Stevens … Theresa Merrye
Robert Allen Mukes … The Storyteller
Vida Ghaffari … Godly Gloria (voice)
Peter Stickles … Peter
Ron Chaney … Doctor Skinner
Traci Burr … Ann
Jennifer Moriarty … Emily
Noel Jason Scott … Bruno
Jack La Pick … Father
Christopher Bryan Gomez … Schlocker
Brad Banacka … Father Tom
Cody J. Briscoe … Ralph
Skylar Fast … Virginia
Freddy John James … Mailman
Emma Keifer … Elizabeth
Sophiah Koikas … Neighbour
Crystal Loverro … Aunt Clara
Breana Mitchell … Aunt Martha
Erik Anthony Russo … Detective
Daniel J. Stier … Uncle Ned

Filming locations:
Santa Clarita, California

Technical specs:
1 hour 12 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

Film facts:
Ron Chaney plays Doctor Skinner. He is the Grandson of Lon Chaney Jr, who starred in the original film as Bruno.
Beverly Washburn plays Meredith. She starred as Elizabeth in the original film.


SPIDER BABY Review of Jack Hill’s cult classic – free online

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