Crypto losses: $200 million in 2024 due to hacks, rug pulls – The Global Tofay

Crypto losses: $200 million in 2024 due to hacks, rug pulls - The Global Tofay Global Today

Recently, in the year 2024, the cryptocurrency industry has experienced a rapid increase in financial damages due to the frequent occurrence of cyberattacks such as hacks and rug pulls. Immunefi, a blockchain security firm, disclosed that 32 confirmed attacks resulted in losses exceeding $200 million in the first quarter of this year. This represents a 15.4% increase compared to the $173 million reported last year during the same period.

Many adverse events in February resulted in significant financial losses. Twelve different occurrences extracted an aggregate of $67 million, nearly half of the $133 million stolen in January. Another significant event was a cyberattack on PlayDapp, one of the world’s leading crypto gaming platforms.This attack caused an extensive loss of $32.3 million. Another large-scale attack took place at FixedFloat, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, where hackers were able to steal $26.1 million. This trend indicates that attackers are now increasingly focusing on DeFi platforms for such attacks, whereas centralized financial protocols have not been as vulnerable.

The escalation of abuses has led to a focus on Ethereum as one of the most vulnerable targets. Unfortunately, there have been only 12 attacks on the platform this year, which contributed to more than 85% of the overall losses. This clearly indicated the risks associated with DeFi platforms that operate on Ethereum because they are open and integrated, making them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Such breaches have occurred several times, indicating the importance of enhancing the security of cryptocurrency systems. To avoid such mishaps, it is critical for all parties involved to have enough security measures and regular check-ups. This should include enhancing regulations and adopting proper standards in all relevant operations areas to create a more stable and reliable environment for digital asset exchanges and platforms.

Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency market has demonstrated significant levels of resistance despite the various challenges it has encountered. It is still growing as innovation in the sector draws more people to participate. However, this progress brings with it new challenges that the public must confront with the appropriate mindset and understanding.  Thus, industry members, regulatory bodies, and cybersecurity professionals need to collectively devise adequate strategies in order to deal with these threats.

Surprisingly, the neoliberal landscape of cryptocurrencies does not restrict exposure to cyber risks to hacking and rug-pulling prospects. Crime is also deep-rooted. Estimates suggest that criminal activities in this sector stole a staggering $1.8 billion in 2023 alone, with North Korea’s Lazarus Group responsible for 17% of these thefts. Events from that year included a loss of over $200 million for Mixin Network and a $197 million fraud on the Euler Finance lending platform.

As cryptocurrency use rises globally, the instances and sophistication of attacks on it also increase. This necessitates frequent discussions about cybersecurity. This way, all participants can strengthen the fundamental pillars of the crypto area and minimize the impact of malicious attacks by encouraging honesty, responsibility, and adaptability. Developing strategies to enhance security and set standards is crucial to promote sustainable growth in this rapidly advancing domain.

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