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EV Energy Management Solutions That Can Benefit Your Business - Elanga - The Global Tofay Global Today

As we head full speed towards an electric future, the popularity of EVs is rising, and so is the need for electricity to charge them. This demand poses serious challenges for businesses installing large-scale charging station networks.

Avoid placing unnecessary strain on your building and the nation’s power grid by using effective energy management solutions.

Elanga offers two forms of load management solutions, dynamic and adaptive. Discover how these energy management solutions could benefit your business’s car charging system.

What are EV energy management solutions?

EV energy management solutions help your building’s electrical infrastructure meet high power demands, ensuring enough power is available to charge the electric vehicles without compromising the building itself.

Our systems work by taking the existing infrastructure and distributing the power, so your building takes priority, and what power remains goes to the EV charging stations. By cleverly allocating power, our systems ensure the building is never overloaded while vehicles charge.

Dynamic Load Management

Dynamic load management is one of our two energy management solutions, and it works by limiting the total amount of power that a group of EV chargers can consume. The maximum current flow limit is evenly distributed between active charging points; as more are activated/deactivated, the current-flow limit is recalculated, and new limits are set.

Benefits of Dynamic Load Management

DLM’s biggest benefit comes from its simplicity. As a cloud-based software, it doesn’t require a physical connection or additional hardware on-site, making it the plug-and-go solution for those that want minimal hassle.

Adaptive Load Management

Adaptive load management is our more ambitious energy management solution using real-time data for more efficient energy allocation. By measuring your building’s power demands in real-time, the group power limit can be increased or decreased depending on how much remaining power can go to the EV chargers at any given time rather than a fixed amount. By combining real-time monitoring, EV power, and connectivity, ALM ensures optimal electricity for your building without exceeding capacity.

Benefits of Adaptive Load Management

The shortcomings of a static limit are no longer an issue with ALM. An adaptive energy management solution optimises your electrical infrastructure, not just a portion. With ALM, EV owners can be confident they’re always getting an optimal charge, and business owners can rest easy knowing they are fully utilising their building’s power.

An intuitive energy management solution such as ALM can significantly reduce costs for your business. ALM manages power demands in real-time to ensure your building never exceeds capacity, saving costs on peak demand charges.

Optimise Your Energy Management System with Elanga

Is your building prepared for the electric future of transportation? As more EVs start pulling out of the driveway, charging station systems will need to adapt. Ensure your EV charging system is ready by installing Elanga’s energy management solutions. To complete the package, check out our latest charger products, from bidirectional EV chargers to solar panel systems; Elanga has you covered from when you plug in to when you set off.

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