TOP GUN 3: Upcoming Sequel to 2022’s Box-Office Hit, TOP GUN: MAVERICK, is Said to be in Development | FilmBook – The Global Tofay

TOP GUN 3: Upcoming Sequel to 2022's Box-Office Hit, TOP GUN: MAVERICK, is Said to be in Development | FilmBook - The Global Tofay Global Today

Third Top Gun Film in the Early Stages of Development

The third Top Gun movie is beginning to take flight with a story idea by Top Gun: Maverick director, Joseph Kosinksi, marking the first step.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that a new, third Top Gun movie is in the early process of making its way to the big screen. However, it will not be happening overnight and audiences will have to patiently await its eventual arrival. Things look good for Tom Cruise to come back on board the franchise and reprise his role from the previous pictures. Meanwhile, Glen Powell and Miles Teller could serve as potential “add-ons” and reprise their own supporting roles from 2022’s hit Top Gun: Maverick movie.

Director Joseph Kosinski has crafted a script for the third installment of the franchise which Cruise has apparently admitted he was fond of. Meanwhile. Glen Powell, who played “Hangman” in the second movie, has come off some highly successful performances in films like Anyone but You and Hit Man. While nothing is confirmed yet, the well-received recent work of Powell could lead to him having an even bigger role in Top Gun 3 but, for now, that is just speculation.

Many people must be wondering if Jennifer Connelly will be returning in Top Gun 3. She and Cruise had terrific chemistry in the second Top Gun picture. Connelly has previously stated that she definitely had interest in a follow-up movie to Top Gun: Maverick so it’s only a matter of time to see if she will, indeed, be cast once again as Cruise’s love interest.

1986’s Top Gun was a big hit in its day but it took almost 36 years for the second movie in the series to come out. The pandemic also helped delay that sequel from 2020 to its eventual release year, 2022. However, it shouldn’t even be a significant fraction of that 36 years before the third film comes into production. If all goes as planned and Tom Cruise finishes his latest Mission: Impossible movie (and another big project that he’s working on), things should start moving faster as far as the third movie getting green-lit and made is concerned.

It may be wise to give Glen Powell a juicy role in the third Top Gun film since it seems he’s doing as well as ever and he could only help Top Gun 3 do even better at the box-office. Tom Cruise will always be the primary driving force behind these movies but Powell now has the star-power to assist Cruise in terms of bringing in big box-grosses. Look for more news on this exciting film project as it develops.

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