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What Governments Need to Do to Fight Climate Change - The Global Tofay Global Today

How green does green capital need to be to fight climate change?

Governments are ramping up their efforts to meet their various climate commitments. But can they do so in time? Below you will find some of the most timely and thought-provoking insights into how sovereigns are approaching climate change—a critical challenge for both governments and investors alike.

Debt Sustainability and the Race for the 2030 Agenda and Paris Agreement (DRGR)

Data shows that among 66 of the most economically vulnerable countries, 47 countries will face insolvency problems as they ramp up investment to meet climate goals.

Evaluating National Climate Commitments (FTSE Russell)

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Can signatory countries to the Paris Agreement meet their climate commitments? This paper uses a novel technique to look at the data and provide an answer.

“Greasing the Wheels” of Decarbonization (Investcorp)

As climate change and its effects become more apparent, nations and companies are setting increasingly ambitious and necessary decarbonization targets.

2024 Global Climate Investing Survey (Robeco)

The fourth annual survey of 300 investors shows wide regional differences in attitudes to climate investing. Explore this fascinating report further.

The Geopolitical Risks of Climate Change (Gresham College)

Climate change remains an ongoing threat for governments worldwide as it represents challenges to various ways of life and to economic activities.

Geopolitics of Climate Impacts on UK Policies (University of Cambridge)

Managing the geopolitics of climate change requires cooperation and rules-based approaches between countries.

Scoring Sovereign Issuers of Green Bonds (BNP Paribas AM)

In this podcast, investors can learn how to evaluate green bonds issued by various countries around the world.

Climate Change: The Next Financial Threat (Bruegel)

Climate change poses a risk for investors and governments alike as it represents a huge financial threat that both regulators and allocators must be concerned about.

Climate Finance Innovations (WEF)

Debt-for-nature swaps are increasingly hitting headlines as a form of climate finance that reduces countries’ debts in return for environmental commitments.

Five Questions on the Impact of Carbon Taxes on Economies and Markets (Amundi)

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The primary objective of a tax is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon emissions. But what are its unintended consequences?

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