Binance Aligns with EU MiCA Standards: New Stablecoin Rules Effective June 30 – Crypto Economy – The Global Tofay

Binance Aligns with EU MiCA Standards: New Stablecoin Rules Effective June 30 - Crypto Economy - The Global Tofay Global Today


  • Binance will restrict the use of unauthorized stablecoins in the EEA starting June 30.
  • Users will be able to sell, but not buy, these unregulated stablecoins on certain Binance platforms.
  • The new MiCA regulations set strict rules for the issuance and management of stablecoins in the EU.

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, has announced that it will implement new restrictions on the use of unauthorized stablecoins for users in the European Economic Area (EEA) starting June 30, 2024.

This measure is due to the recent approval of the MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets) regulations by the European Parliament, which establish strict rules for the creation and management of stablecoins in the region.

These regulations seek to ensure that only regulated companies can issue and offer stablecoins to the public.

As a result, some existing stablecoins will not meet these new requirements and will be categorized as “unauthorized stablecoins.”

To adapt to these new rules, Binance has decided not to remove unauthorized stablecoins from its spot trading platform, but will limit their availability in certain products.

Starting June 30, users in the EEA will only be able to sell these stablecoins through Binance Convert, exchanging them for other digital assets, regulated stablecoins, or fiat currencies, depending on availability in their jurisdiction.

The purchase of unauthorized stablecoins through this feature will be prohibited.

Additionally, Binance will keep spot trading pairs with unauthorized stablecoins available until further notice.

Custody and wallet services for these stablecoins will continue, allowing users to withdraw or deposit these assets into their Binance wallets.

However, the platform will apply general restrictions on other products, preventing users from accessing new offers that involve unauthorized stablecoins.

Binance Aligns with EU MiCA Standards

Impact of new regulations on Binance products

Rewards offered on the platform, including those in the Rewards, Campaigns and Referral Center, will be modified to use regulated stablecoins, BNB or other non-stablecoin-based tokens.

Users will be able to claim existing coupons with unauthorized stablecoins until their expiration date.

The Spot Copy Trading service will cease for EEA users on June 29, and open positions will be closed at the market price.

Margin loans using unauthorized stablecoins will not be immediately affected, but users are advised to close these loans and seek collateral alternatives.

Simple Earn and Auto-Invest products will also be affected. New subscriptions involving unauthorized stablecoins will be blocked, although existing subscriptions will continue until further notice.

Investments in Auto-Invest that involve the purchase of unauthorized stablecoins will no longer be available.

Binance Pay and other payment services will see significant restrictions.

EEA users will not be able to send or receive unauthorized stablecoins, and Send Cash transactions involving these stablecoins will be blocked.

NFT purchases and cloud mining subscriptions will also be limited.

However, these regulations raise questions about the future of decentralization in the world of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies were born as an alternative to the traditional financial system, seeking to offer a decentralized ecosystem free of centralized control.

Regulations like MiCA, can undermine the fundamental principles of decentralization.

By imposing strict and centralized requirements, there is a risk of turning cryptocurrencies into a mere extension of the traditional financial system, losing the advantages of autonomy and lack of intermediaries.

Decentralization advocates argue that these regulations could curb the innovation and financial freedom that cryptocurrencies promise.

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