Tesla Plans $770 Million Expansion of Giga Texas Factory – E4TP – The Global Tofay

Tesla Plans $770 Million Expansion of Giga Texas Factory - E4TP - The Global Tofay Global Today

The Austin-based factory is scheduled to begin manufacturing the Tesla Cybertruck sometime later this year.

Tesla is planning to expand one of its groundbreaking factories © Credit to Tesla

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has notified the state of Texas of its plans to spend as much as $770 million to expand its Austin-based factory.

According to registration documents filed on January 9th with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Tesla intends to construct additional facilities for what appears to be a battery cell testing lab, cathode and drive unit manufacturing facilities, a die shop, and an undisclosed 693,093-square-foot facility known as Cell 1.

What’s interesting is that these projects are due to begin within a matter of weeks.

The building itself is known as Gigafactory Texas — often shortened to ‘Giga Texas’ — and has over 10 million square feet of floor space, making it the second-largest building by volume in the entire world.

It’s Tesla’s fourth building in the US and is currently being used to manufacturer Model Y’s, and soon, the highly anticipated Cybertruck at some point in 2023.

Tesla will be livestreaming its investor day on March 1st, 2023, from Giga Texas Texas. Hopefully, we’ll get more information about the expansion then between all the other happenings surrounding the American automaker.

Have you heard of the Giga Texas factory before? If you haven’t, be sure to let us know via social media what you think about such a space. It’s the size of around 10 football fields put together, for context.

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