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Black cats: how they are perceived across the world - The Global Tofay Global Today

So, yesterday was black cat appreciation day. And I thought to write a post about these amazing creatures that make great pets. This is all because of the myths and superstitions many cultures impose on them.

There are many countries who see black cats differently. Here are some of their cultural traditions surrounding what they believe about black cats.

In Scotland, if a black cat shows up at your door, folklore says you might be in for some money, whereas in China, some people think black cats bring poverty.

For generations, black cats have been the focus of myth and folklore; while the cats are seen as unfortunate in some nations, they are supposed to bring good fortune in others.

Throughout Japan, stumbling upon a black cat is regarded to bring good fortune; nevertheless, in much of Europe and the US, seeing a black cat is thought to portend ill omens.

Which way a black cat walks in front of you matters in Germany. Right to left indicates bad times are coming, whereas left to right indicates good times.

Some Italians think that a sick person will soon pass away if a black cat jumps into the bed next to them.

Sadly, due to tradition and folklore, it is famously difficult to find homes for unwanted and abandoned black cats, thus it appears they are the unlucky ones.

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