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10 Burning Empyrean Series Questions That Onyx Storm Must Answer - The Global Tofay Global Today


  • Onyx Storm must answer the burning questions left from the previous books of The Empyrean Series.
  • Onyx Storm should address the possibility of a venin cure, Aretia’s invasion, Naolin’s return, Violet’s father’s research, and what happened to the Seventh Breed of dragon.
  • Characters whose arcs must be highlighted in Onyx Storm include Violet, Xaden, Aaric, Sawyer and Mira.

The latest installment of The Empyrean Series, Onyx Storm, has many burning questions left from the previous books that it must contend with in its plot. Updates on Onyx Storm and its premise have been minimal, leaving the fate of Navarre open-ended until the book’s release. Though fans have crafted many theories on the future of The Empyrean Series, the first two books have several open threads that the third one could and should follow.

The Empyrean Series’ first two novels slowly crafted the storyline of Violet Sorrengail and her time at Basgiath, establishing and deconstructing the world’s lore. Each detail the characters found was pertinent to revealing what was truly going on in Navarre, culminating in the Battle of Basgiath during Iron Flame‘s ending. That said, many questions remain about the larger worldbuilding and plot that Onyx Storm must address, starting with the series’ antagonist.


How 1 Small Fourth Wing Detail Could Unlock Violet’s Second Signet In The Next Empyrean Series Book

The next book in The Empyrean Series could use one small detail from Fourth Wing to allow Violet’s second signet to truly and fully manifest.


Is There A Cure For Being A Venin?

The Idea Of A Cure Was Mentioned In Iron Flame

Fourth Wing Wyvern
Fanart by @LetrongDao

Onyx Storm must definitively answer if there is a cure for the venin in order to build up the final conflict of The Empyrean Series. The idea of a cure for the venin was mostly explored in the latter half of Iron Flame. Specifically, the idea was seen through the reveal of Jack Barlowe being venin as Nolon was attempting to heal him and failed. This failure led to Jack toppling the ward stone with Baide during the Battle of Basgiath.

Jack seemed confident that no cure existed at the end of Iron Flame. However, Jack could either be lying or simply not know, as he is a low-ranking venin. The possibility of a cure would clearly outline the rest of the conflict, as the protagonists would then gather what was needed to administer it in battle as well as to Xaden and Jack to protect Basgiath’s wards. If Jack is telling the truth, then the group would have to find another way to combat the venin and deal with Xaden’s transformation throughout the rest of The Empyrean Series.


Will Xaden Become A Villain?

Xaden Could Have a Villain Arc Now That He Is A Venin

Violet and Xaden training in Fourth Wing
Art by @Rosiethorns88

Xaden’s status as a venin must be contended with in Onyx Storm as it could lead to him becoming a secondary antagonist within The Empyrean Series. Xaden becoming venin during book 2’s ending was a massive cliffhanger, adding a new complication to his relationship with Violet and Basgiath as a whole. Onyx Storm needs to address this, as his new status could cause Xaden to turn against his friends as the power overwhelms him. On the other hand, Xaden’s status also presents the plot of Onyx Storm with a great opportunity to subvert expectations.

Xaden, due to his established control, could fight the impulse to feed at first. However, if no cure exists, Xaden could end up switching sides as his lust for power overwhelms his morality. This would cause The Empyrean Series’ finale to become heartwrenching as Violet faces the man she loves on the battlefield. Conversely, Xaden could switch sides, but as a double agent, fooling everyone but Violet into thinking that he has turned against them. From there, Xaden could undermine the venin’s attacks internally and even discover their weaknesses if a cure is not an option.


Will Violet & Xaden Remain Together?

Violet & Xaden’s Relationship Could Become Unstable Again

Fanart of Violet and Xaden Fourth Wing
Fanart by @XenaFay

The relationship between Violet and Xaden now that Xaden has become venin should be a major part of Onyx Storm’s story, as their relationship is the backbone of The Empyrean Series. Onyx Storm could continue Violet and Xaden’s dynamic from Iron Flame, with Xaden pushing Violet away due to his new status. Other characters may also attempt to keep them apart, as Xaden being both a marked one and now a venin would give Basgiath’s leadership the excuse they need to get rid of him.

Violet could be forced to end things with him due to one or both of these circumstances. However, Violet’s stubbornness in both books could also subvert this expectation, as she decides to trust her heart like she did during the early days of their relationship. With their stronger bond, the two could allow Onyx Storm some moments of levity and sweetness. As a result, other factors can become the focus of the book’s plot, subverting expectations while still maintaining the largest part of The Empyrean Series that drew audiences in the first place.


Why Was Violet’s Father Researching Feathertails/The Venin?

Violet’s Father’s Research Should Play A Large Role In Onyx Storm

Fanart of Violet Tairn and Andarna flying in Fourth Wing
Art by @emily.e.draws

The secrets behind Violet’s father’s research should come up in Onyx Storm, as it was mentioned in both books and could inform audiences about the worldbuilding in The Empyrean Series. Many theories have surrounded Violet’s father’s death, especially considering how often his research has come up. Fourth Wing hinted at his foreknowledge of the venin through Violet’s book and Varrish’s comment in Iron Flame confirmed that he was looking into feathertails. Both instances could result in a major discovery in Onyx Storm, adding to the series’ lore.

If Violet’s father was looking into the venin, Violet could find the answer to how to stop them in his notes, giving audiences further insight into the antagonist and their origins. The discovery could also lead to a shocking revelation if Violet’s father became venin, which would add to both his and Lilith Sorrengail’s character posthumously. Violet could also find his work on feathertails, giving audiences more information as the group attempts to hide it from Basgiath’s leadership, who could abuse that knowledge.


Will Aaric Be Found Out By His Father?

Aaric Greycastle, aka Prince Cam, Was Introduced In Iron Flame

The cover of Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros and a fiery background with a dragon
Custom Image by Simone Ashmoore

hile his role in Iron Flame was minimal, Aaric’s secret status as a royal and the consequences surrounding it should be featured in Onyx Storm. Little is known about the royal family in The Empyrean Series, as the King only made a brief appearance in Fourth Wing. The introduction of Aaric and his limited use in Iron Flame gives Onyx Storm the opportunity to not only explore Aaric’s character, but the true nature of his family as it could impact the future of Navarre.

The reveal of Aaric’s secret is an unused plot point from the previous books, so having it be exposed could give the story tension outside the main cast. Aaric’s father, King Tauriel, could try to force him to resign as a rider, something Aaric would refuse considering his desire to help his people. As his brief appearance established his ego, King Tauriel could then withdraw his support, forcing the group to face the venin alone. Aaric’s courage as well as their victory could then allow him to take over as king, giving Navarre a brighter future.


How Does Sawyer Cope With What Happened At The End Of Iron Flame?

Sawyer Needs The Iron Squad’s Support In Onyx Storm

Fourth Wing Custom Dragon
Custom Image by Simone Ashmoore

Sawyer’s pain and struggles after the Battle of Basgiath should be touched on in Onyx Storm as it would strengthen the character dynamics of The Empyrean Series. Sawyer’s fate during Iron Flame’s ending is still partly ambiguous. Beyond his initial survival, the story does not go into his mental state regarding the loss of his leg or what could be done to assist him. Onyx Storm should take the time to dive deeper into Sawyer’s mentality as it would strengthen his character and The Iron Squad as a whole.

Through exploring his journey, Onyx Storm could expand on Sawyer as a character since he has been the least developed. Sawyer’s role has largely been confined to serving other characters, such as Ridoc. Exploring his mentality as he adjusts to either living with one leg or a prosthetic could showcase more of the fortitude and determination audiences have seen from him in The Empyrean Series. Sawyer’s journey could also bring The Iron Squad closer together as they help him cope, strengthening their bond and giving audiences more sweet moments as the plot thickens.


Where Did Mira Go At The End of Iron Flame?

Mira Vanished After The Death Of Her Mother In Iron Flame

Fourth wing Mira and Teine
Fanart by @artworks_by_rokii

Mira’s disappearance at the end of Iron Flame should be explored in Onyx Storm as it would be an opportunity for the Sorrengail siblings to bond further. The death of their mother is one of the most devastating blows the siblings have taken in The Empyrean Series. Mira especially seemed impacted as their relationship was rocky due to many factors. As a result, Mira fleeing Basgiath at the end of Iron Flame was understandable, but also raises the question of where she is now.

Onyx Storm could have Brennan and Violet search for her, allowing them to discuss their own relationship and give audiences further backstory on the Sorrengail family. If Mira is found quickly, the three could have a moment to grieve together as she comes to terms with that loss. That scene could allow Onyx Storm to show more of her character as she allows her confident persona to drop. Conversely, Mira’s absence could spark the beginning of the main plot as the group hunts for her, fearing the worst as they are forced away from Basgiath’s wards.


Will Aretia Be Invaded?

Aretia’s Wards Could Fall In Onyx Storm

fourth wing map of navarre as seen in book-1

The fate of Aretia should be a major point explored in Onyx Storm as revitalizing its wards was a main plot of Iron Flame. Violet’s quest to reignite the wards in Aretia was one of her main motivations for the second book in The Empyrean Series. It led to the group’s ill-fated heist on the Archives and Violet’s imprisonment by Varrish, causing the resistance to flee Basgiath. Despite this, Violet’s efforts were sadly in vain, as Aretia’s wards were weak and would only get weaker.

Since Aretia’s wards cannot be remade as Andarna reforged Basgiath’s, the possibility of the venin invading could be a major conflict of Onyx Storm. Andarna being the last of the Seventh Breed puts Aretia in danger, as all seven breeds of dragon must lend their fire to ignite the ward stone properly. The venin could sense the weakening wards and invade Aretia, giving them access to the new nesting grounds. This could then give the venin a huge power boost and destroy the morale of the protagonists as they regroup behind Basgiath’s wards.


Could Naolin Return As a Venin?

Many Onyx Storm Theories Suggest Naolin Could Return

Naolin imbuing Brennan with energy in The Empyrean Series
Fanart by @Orion Creates Xo

Naolin could return as a venin in Onyx Storm, causing further issues as his knowledge could be giving the venin a concerning advantage. Naolin’s return is a popular Onyx Storm theory as details surrounding his death are kept vague in The Empyrean Series. Naolin’s power as a siphon could have caused him to become a venin to save Brennan’s life, as he could have burnt out and reached for the power in the earth. Not only would his return spark new conflicts for the characters, but would also explain some of the venin’s strategies seen in previous books.

In Iron Flame, Violet and Mira find runes etched into the fallen wyvern, implying the venin can still utilize that magic despite being cut off from their dragons or griffins. Brennan has a rune-like scar on his hand, implying that Naolin may have used runic magic as well and, after turning, taught it to the venin. Naolin’s return in Onyx Storm would confirm this and give the protagonists an advantage, as it has been established that rune magic can also be neutralized.


What Happened To The Seventh Breed of Dragon?

The Seventh Breed Could Have Defeated The Venin At A Cost

Andarna in her teenage form in the Fourth Wing series
Fanart by @audraydrtt 

Onyx Storm must go into Andarna and the seventh breed of dragon as it will reveal more about the world of The Empyrean Series and how the protagonists could win against the venin. Andarna revealed to Violet in Iron Flame how she was the last member of the Seventh Breed and that she had waited over 600 years to hatch for Violet. This confession not only implies that Violet may have a larger destiny, but how Andarna could be the strongest dragon in The Empyrean Series books.

The Empyrean Series establishes early on that the venin had not attacked Navarre for 600 years. While it is stated that this is due to the wards nullifying their magic, Onyx Storm could reveal that the Seventh Breed were instrumental in weakening the venin, though at a great cost. Andarna could then begin to showcase more of their power as she grows, giving her strength beyond even Codagh. Her growing power could, by the end of Onyx Storm, be key to taking out the venin once and for all in upcoming books.

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