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Last week I shared Maggie’s story with you. It is a true story where a distraction interrupted a panic attack!  There is much written about this topic, yet many people  (Often before even giving a heartfelt try) will state it does not work for them.  Many have fallen into the ruts of thinking that keep them where they are instead of forging ahead.  

Often the giant boulder in the way of progress using distractions comes from self-pity!  We have previously addressed:  How to recognize and redirect self-pity in the post Can you get past yourself? Self-Pity is responsible for many failures that people experience. Self-pity applies the brakes to any forward movement before positive results can be applied.

What I learned in Labor and delivery.

Back in May 2019, the blog about Labor and delivery is all about distractions?  (This is a 2 part post.) 

Everyone seems to know about rhythmic breathing. However, they fail to realize counting out loud and listening to your breathing to keep it regular, is an integral part of this distraction. But in several countries instead of just counting and breathing, they are told to pick a familiar song and sing it. Use the alphabet song as an example. Recite it during times of stress out loud and try not to skip a beat or a word. 

Sometimes it may not be appropriate to actually sing but similarly, conscious humming can also work.

Humming can be used as a trigger for IT IS TIME TO RELAX it can release endorphins. It is self-soothing and can help induce a feeling of wellbeing promoting calmness.

The next post will be on a “distraction” that is often overlooked, but in many cases, it is the key to overcoming mental torment!

[Google – How do distractions take your mind off things?  There are many articles that may be helpful. Below I will share links to some of my favorites.]


Wired –offers scientific proof that we are wired to be distracted.  This is a great article! About how the brain is programmed to work.  

UH HOSPITAL–shares strategies to redirect your thoughts and distract your  mind. They present grounding exercises to redirect your thoughts away from distressing feelings…. They have an extensive list of ways to accomplish this. Well worth the read.

Very well Mind – not only has articles about anxiety. It discusses how to use emotions as a  coping mechanism.  It addresses PTSD and Addiction and also an article addressing distractions for Panic Disorder – teaches how to fight negative thinking with distraction.


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