Tata Motors revs up for electric future with Curvv EV, Harrier EV, Sierra EV & Avinya lined up for launch! – The Global Tofay

Tata Motors revs up for electric future with Curvv EV, Harrier EV, Sierra EV & Avinya lined up for launch! - The Global Tofay Global Today

Tata Motors Announces Launch Timeline for Four New Electric Vehicles


Tata Motors has unveiled its plans for the future of electric vehicles in India, announcing the launch timeline for four exciting new electric car models: the Harrier EV, Curvv EV, Sierra EV, and Avinya.

The carmaker is aiming for an aggressive rollout, with the first two EVs, the Curvv EV and Harrier EV, slated to hit the market in Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25). This is likely to happen sometime between April 2024 and March 2025. Following these launches, Tata Motors will then introduce the Sierra EV and the much-anticipated Avinya in Fiscal Year 2026 (FY26), which falls between April 2025 and March 2026.

This commitment to electric vehicle (EV) development reflects Tata’s focus on sustainable mobility solutions. In addition to these new vehicle launches, the company is also actively expanding its public charging network, aiming to increase the number of chargers from over 10,000 to a staggering 1 lakh (100,000) by Fiscal Year 2030 (FY30).

Here’s a quick breakdown of the upcoming Tata electric vehicles:

  • Curvv EV and Harrier EV (FY25): These electric SUVs are expected to be the first to arrive, offering a glimpse into Tata’s vision for electric mobility.
  • Sierra EV (FY26): The Sierra EV, based on the iconic Sierra concept, is expected to generate a lot of excitement with its bold design and futuristic features.
  • Avinya (FY26): Built on a new, lightweight Gen 3 platform, the Avinya promises an impressive range of over 500 kilometers on a single charge, making it a strong contender in the long-range EV market.

This launch timeline signifies Tata Motors’ commitment to playing a leading role in India’s electric vehicle revolution. With a diverse range of EVs on the horizon, Tata is well-positioned to cater to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions in the country.

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