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Rido-ebook, the best free e-book app I’ve ever seen - The Global Tofay Global Today

Finding a few good books to read isn’t always easy. A simple google search could get you a million books on a subject, leaving you with an Overchoice. However, the right app could make finding good books a lot simple and exciting.

I recently installed the Rido-Ebook app from the Playstore. Since then, it’s given me more access to books than I’ve had before.

Rido-Ebook platform is an app that mines for the best Ebooks, which it lays unto your palm. From any place at any time, access fascinating book content through the Rido-Ebook app.

On Rido, access to books is super easy, super fun, and super free. Besides scouting the internet for the best ebooks to satisfy its users, Rido makes reading the books a joy. I’ve almost never felt so comfortable reading an ebook.

The Rido-ebook app is a product of SHRI INNOVATION, a Cameroonian based startup, whose goal is to develop and launch quality applications that everyone will love to use. Every single person using Rido-ebook app is thrilled.

For me, it’s more of excitement, given that access to most of the books is free, and you only have to pay a small token for download. Even as I write this review, the excitement in my fingers seems to limit my creativity.

“I really like the ability to click on citations, to take notes on my highlights, and to search the text. I’ve also never had any bugs, and the app performs well. I use RIDO nearly every day because it’s much easier to use for research than a traditional paper book! I still enjoy holding a book in my hands from time to time.” – Rishi Tripathi.

No bugs, really? Happy users already comparing the app to “holding a book in hands.” This speaks to the ease of use, and user-friendliness that SHRI INNOVATIONS has put into the Rido-ebook app.

As I read one of my favorite books; Nelson Mandela autobiography, I noticed the facility in searching for specific text within the book. There’s also a navigation pane, which makes it easy to scheme through or locate a particular section (chapter).

Nelson Mandela Autobiography from Rido-Ebook app

“I downloaded many reading apps as I am fond of reading but this is the best one I came across. A wide variety of books to choose from, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “timeless detective Sherlock Holmes” as my favorite and also biographies of Albert Einstein, Booker T. Washington, Leonardo da Vinci, and Helen Keller.” -Himanshu Soni.

I couldn’t agree more Soni, this is indeed the best app for e-books I have ever come across, and boy I have searched. What piques me the most about this app is the fact that you do not always have to be online to read the books.

Once you’ve opened a book (which usually takes less than a few seconds), you can continue reading it offline, even without downloading this book.

Book Catégories ranging from business, to sports, health, entertainment, fiction and biography, discover the best books to suit your taste. Also browse for books from your favorite writers, including Simon Sibel, Shakti Gawai and Jeff Goins.

More mindblowing, is the recommendation feature. The app recommends good books to you, based on your previous searches and reads. I hope that’s AI in action. If that the case, I Kvell over SHRI INNOVATIONS and their work.

The best part, NO ads! It’s not very common to find free apps that do not flood the entire user space with annoying ads. Rido-ebook app completely ad free. This makes the user experience even more Sublime.

So on the Rido-ebook app, you get access to the best books on the internet (from a Range of categories), perfect reading experience, almost better than reading a physical book. All of these for free, crowned by a complete “no ad” experience.

Claps and respect to SHRI INNOVATIONS, a team young, ambitious and hardworking developers from Cameroon, Bamenda. A team that has produced a 4.9 rated app on the Google playstore.

Download the Rido-Ebook app here today, and up your reading game. Give this article a like, share with your friends, and share your experience of Rido-ebook with the rest of us here.

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