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5 Reasons Why people Uninstall Your App - Blog - The Global Tofay Global Today

Designed and made your dream application, but for some reason, your ROI is getting low day by day? Let’s take a look at the main causes of uninstalling of your app. Ready, steady, go.

1. Want to spend ages on registration? Nobody does!
The first thing that a user encounters when opening the app is registration form. Not all the applications have this feature, but most of them do. Registration by itself is unlikely to alienate the user if it seems justified enough. But if it requires too much data, or the registration procedure is unreasonably severe, the user will not give a second thought. Delete & forget. Keep in mind, personal data is a valuable and nobody wants to share the details with the whole universe for nothing.

Now the main thing: if the majority deletes the application after 1-2-5 minutes, it’s probably the case of the registration. Reconsider the procedure, simplify it or get ready to say goodbye to the customer.

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2. Remember these sad stories from people who ordered online and were disappointed? Make sure it’s not your app’s case.
After registration, the user starts exploring the application. Of course, not because of the idle curiosity, but for some reason. Keep in mind; spending time on your app is an iron-willed step for the user. If he won’t find what he installed the application for, next destination of the app is the trash. A precious place in memory will be used for another, useful application, which keeps the promises. Moreover, as a little present, you are risky to get such negative feedback, that you can forget about the profit.

All in all, there are two options. Either you incorrectly described the application on Google Play or the AppStore or crammed the described functions so deeply that the user could not find them. The average time the user spends before making a decision on app’s destiny is just 3 minutes. Make sure you understand in advance what tasks the user wants to solve in the application. State them as clearly as possible in the description and make these functions easily accessible.

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3. Would you use a microwave instead of TV? Neither would they.
This reason is quite similar to the previous one. If the user hardly gets the solution of his task – it means that the interface is too complicated. Conduct usability tests with users. Invite 5-8 people from your CA and ask them to perform a simple task in your application. You will see the obvious mistakes you couldn’t notice before.

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4. Selfies or application? The answer is obvious.
Among mobile applications, competition is really high. The fight for the phone memory is very rough. Therefore, if the user does not have an emergency in the application, and it weighs too much, it will be deleted with no silent tear cried… Reduce the weight of the application using any possible or impossible methods.

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5. Would you mind a postman comes to you every one hour? I don’t think so…
We know that the user can limit the number of push notifications. Nevertheless, not everyone does it. Many are just too lazy to climb into the settings, others simply do not know about this possibility. If the application is too obtrusive, the user would rather delete it than fight with his irritation.

Push notifications are an excellent marketing tool, but everything is good within some limit. It is important to observe the rule of utility and unobtrusiveness.

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If you want to get the customers you should think like a customer, you should be a customer. Wait a minute, actually, you are. Mix up your professional knowledge and life experience to get the best possible conversion from your app.

Nowadays it is important to study the reasons why the application was a failure. Perhaps by fixing the bugs, you can still make money from it. Get rid of your headache trust this to professionals. Our team of app developers & testers will help you to understand the reasons for uninstallation and offer the solutions. To learn more about the service, write on [email protected] or visit www.wedigtech.com

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