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Tisas Raider – Hammer Follow Fixed? - The Global Tofay Global Today

Tisas Raider – Hammer Follow Fixed

The Tisas Raider is back from SDS in Tennessee. It appears to be fixed. Shoots good. Now we will use it sometimes as a video queen. 

What do I mean by the phrase, “Video queen”? Simple. This isn’t a gun I would choose for work or carry. I prefer higher end 1911s for those purposes. But a lot of you like Tisas and have been buying them. The Raider allows us to have a M45 CQB clone, but in a fantasy caliber of 9mm. 

All for a good price and that works for me. So…seeing a Tisas Raider on here isn’t an endorsement. I have no idea if this thing is made well or will hold up to even moderate use. But…for the price point, it’s a good “video queen” gun for us. 

At least…so far. Maybe. If it doesn’t break…again. 






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