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Blogiversary Spotlight of "Like Herding Cats Genealogy" - GeneaBloggers - The Global Tofay Global Today

It’s time to celebrate a June blogiversary! Jenny Hawran is the author of Like Herding Cats Genealogy and has been sharing family stories since 8 June 2015.

She’s from Windsor, Connecticut, where she is an active lady. Jenny is serving as the Vice President of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, is a member of the Abigail Wolcott Ellsworth Chapter, NSDAR and is also the VIS Chair of Connecticut Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

Jenny began blogging to share her own family stories so that her three daughters would have them. Recently, her posts have focused on her DNA discovery that her Dad was not her biological father.

She’d like to share several of her stories:

Jenny has served as the Social Media Chair for the past GeneaBloggers administration and is continuing to serve in that role.  She is active on social media on X formerly known as Twitter.

Please congratulate Jenny on her 9th  blogiversary and thank her for her years of continued service to GeneaBloggers!

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