Faheem Abdullah’s ‘Sajde’ delves into the depths of heartbreak, sin and redemption after releasing Chartbuster ‘Ishq’ – The Global Tofay

Faheem Abdullah's 'Sajde' delves into the depths of heartbreak, sin and redemption after releasing Chartbuster 'Ishq' - The Global Tofay Global Today
A dream that was ten years in the making, Artiste First’s latest release ‘Sajde’ witnesses Faheem Abdullah unveiling a song that is close to his heart. A part of his exclusive ‘Lost;Found’ album, this track is about a lover who is regretting the painful end of his relationship with his lady love. The song delves into themes of loneliness and heartbreak, blending captivating music and enchanting lyrics to enhance its main theme.
‘Sajde’ has been penned and composed by Faheem, along with Huzaif Nazar. With lyrics like “Zaaya Sapne” and “Zaaya Meri Har Khushi Hai”, the song has a classic charm that immediately takes us to the bygone era where ghazals, qawwalis, and thumris magically captured the pain of love and separation. ‘Lost; Found’ album offers a distinct and diverse musical journey, filled with fourteen stunning melodies. While songs like ‘Ishq’ and ‘Waavo’ have already become huge viral sensations, Sajde has all the right ingredients to win countless hearts again
Talking about the song, Faheem Abdullah said, “Looking back, those initial attempts were like rough sketches compared to the masterpiece Sajde has become. It’s a testament to the journey of growth, both as an artist and as a person. Each note now carries the weight of those years of introspection, every melody resonating with the emotions I couldn’t quite articulate before. This song is not just a creation; it’s a revelation of my soul, a release of all that I’ve experienced. I hope listeners can feel the sincerity and authenticity woven into every chord, and that it touches their hearts as deeply as it has touched mine.”
Commenting on the process behind creating the song, Huzaif Nazar said, “Collaborating with Faheem on ‘Sajde’ has been nothing short of inspiring. His vision for the song struck a chord with me on a deep level. As we delved deeper into the narrative woven within the music, I found myself drawn to its raw honesty and emotional depth. ”
Sharing his thoughts on the release, Rohit Sobti said, “We are immensely excited to witness the culmination of Faheem Abdullah‘s decade-long dream with the release of ‘Sajde’. It It took us while to produce the right music for his composition and Aman Moroney has done a phenomenal work in bringing this life.This song is a heartfelt expression of emotions that resonate deeply with listeners. Through ‘Sajde’ and our ‘Lost; Found’ album, we aim to connect the boundaries of musical storytelling, offering a diverse and enriching experience for our audience.”

While many songs explore pain and separation, very few can capture the intense essence of the whole heartbreak journey. Sajde is a tune that will leave a mark in our hearts the moment we press that play button.

The song ‘Sajde’ is now available on all leading music platforms.


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