Family Tree DNA Offers Big Sale on DNA Test Kits DNA for Genealogy – The Global Tofay

Family Tree DNA Offers Big Sale on DNA Test Kits DNA for Genealogy - The Global Tofay Global Today

Family Tree DNA is offering big savings on YDNA and autosomal DNA test kits now through June 20, 2022. Family Tree DNA is the top company offering YDNA testing for genealogists. If you haven’t added the YDNA test to your records, don’t delay…do it today!

YDNA Testing: What is it for?

A YDNA test is a specific DNA test that gives you an overview of your paternal family line. It is often associated with surname group projects. Only men can take the YDNA test, however if a female wanted to learn more about her paternal (father’s) line, she could have her father, brother, paternal uncle, or even a male cousin on the paternal side to take the test.

YDNA Test from Family Tree DNA

YDNA testing is especially useful for finding an unknown father, grandfather, or great-grandfather. Many genealogists find doing a YDNA test offers a more significant connection than just an atDNA test. However, the thorough researcher understands the importance of having the YDNA (paternal), mtDNA (maternal), and atDNA (overview of all family lines for about 4 to 5 generations) tests done.

Other DNA tests on sale at Family Tree DNA

There are three important types of DNA tests available at Family Tree DNA

  • An Autosomal DNA Test – Can be taken by males or females and will give you an ethnicity estimate and cousin matches within about 5 to 6 generations on both your mother and father’s sides of the family. Normally $79, but now on sale for $49 USD until June 20, 2022.*
  • The YDNA Test – Can only be taken by a male. This test is used to track the Y chromosome passed from father to son over the generations. It reaches farther back than just 5 or 6 generations. The YDNA test will provide you with your paternal haplogroup, ethnicity, relative matches, and surname history. If a father is in question, this would be a good test for you. Family Tree DNA is the only company offering this type of test. Normally $119, the YDNA test is now on sale for $99 USD until June 20, 2022.*
  • The mtDNA Test – Can be taken by males and females, but it is only looking at the genetic markers of your mother’s maternal line (your mom’s mom’s mom, etc. It too reaches farther back into your ancestral maternal line than the autosomal test. The mtDNA test will provide you with your maternal haplogroup. This test is also only available through Family Tree DNA, but is not on sale at this time.

Order a YDNA, atDNA, or mtDNA test from Family Tree DNA today!

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