12 Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should Use in 2024 | Mention – The Global Tofay

12 Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should Use in 2024 | Mention - The Global Tofay Global Today

Did you know that 5.04 billion people are active on social media worldwide?

Leveraging social media is one of the most efficient strategies to connect with your target audience and convey your message to the masses.

People do not just use social media to connect with friends or family. They also use the platforms of their choice to research different brands, seek answers to their questions, and make informed decisions.

Hence, having an active presence on social media platforms preferred by the intended audience enables you to generate traction for your brand and capture quality leads.

However, to achieve the desired results, you need to set the right goals and ensure your efforts align with them.

For this, consistently monitoring your social media activities and engagement is vital.

This may be easier said than done, especially when monitoring multiple platforms. So, it’s best to leverage social media monitoring tools, as they help you track your activities and progress.

In this article, we will discuss some of the leading social media monitoring tools you should consider.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the process of tracking your social media activities and evaluating their impact. It helps you see if you are headed in the right direction and optimally utilizing your resources.

Social media monitoring is about more than just assessing engagement on different social media platforms. It also involves accessing relevant insights that can help you make data-driven decisions.

According to 27% of social media marketers, creating engaging content is one of their biggest challenges.

By leveraging the platforms that resonate with your niche, you can explore the latest industry trends, get acquainted with your target audience’s behavioral dynamics, and identify new opportunities with social media data.

These insights help you tailor your message to the preferences of the intended audience and devise efficient strategies for promoting your solutions.

To gauge the impact of your social media activities, you can track your reach, brand mentions, and share of voice. These indicators give you an idea of your current standing in the competitive landscape compared to other players in your respective industry.

Furthermore, sentiment analysis helps you understand how people see you as a brand and value your association with them.

You can track several things through social media monitoring that enable you to connect with your audience deeper and gain a competitive advantage in your respective industry.

The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Monitoring social media for relevant insights can be daunting, especially when active on multiple platforms.

Leveraging social media monitoring tools may make things easy for you. However, choosing the right tool may be troublesome, as countless alternatives exist.

Here’s a list of social media monitoring tools we’ve come up with to help you track your social media performance and explore relevant insights:


Mention dashboard

Mention is a leading social media monitoring tool that tracks brand mentions and assesses audience sentiment from 1 billion sources.

Being active on multiple social channels, it must be difficult for you to track each time someone mentions your brand in relevant threads or comments.

This social media monitoring tool makes it easier to explore such discussions and know what people say about your brand. Mention tracks news sites, reviews sites, all major social media platforms, radio, and TV.

This helps you track mentions and prevent crises by preemptively catering to your audience’s concerns or identifying opportunities to leverage social proof.

Mention facilitates access to relevant insights through its extensive reporting capabilities, allowing you to explore market trends, track engagement, and assess your activities on different social channels. They have up to two years of historical data available.

The tool also allows you to create a custom report showcasing relevant metrics to help you devise data-driven strategies.

Get a 14-day free trial or book a demo!


Hootsuite homepage

Hootsuite is a one-stop social media monitoring tool that helps you track all your social media activities, ensuring that you’re making progress.

The tool makes managing all your social media accounts easier via a single screen and allows you to monitor activities effortlessly.

You can give your team access to the tool and assign different responsibilities. You can set different roles, allowing your team to interact with and engage your audience.

With the tool’s built-in analytics feature, you can quickly gauge your social media performance and develop creative ways to generate more traction.

Sprout Social

Sprout social dashboard

Sprout Social is another efficient social media monitoring tool for monitoring your social media activities. The tool lets you track your audience’s interactions with your brand and gauge engagement on relevant threads.

You can easily track brand mentions and explore discussions showcasing your audience’s experiences across multiple social media platforms. The tool also facilitates social listening and helps you stay up-to-date with social interactions in real-time.

With Sprout Social, you can track different metrics to assess your performance and devise viable strategies to boost your social presence.


Agorapulse homepage

Agorapulse is a social media management tool with social listening and monitoring capabilities. It helps you track brand mentions across different platforms and gauge engagement without feeling overwhelmed.

The tool helps you track the activities of your competitors and identify meaningful conversations or threads about your brand. You can access relevant insights using the tool and see if your efforts have yielded the desired results.


Keyhole social media monitoring

Keyhole is a social media monitoring tool with robust tracking and search capabilities.

Using relevant keywords and hashtags, you can explore valuable insights and identify opportunities that may favor your brand. The tool’s analytics feature lets you extract valuable data through visually stunning reports.

It’s a handy solution for exploring the latest trends and discovering topics that are the talk of the town.

These insights help you develop a personalized content strategy and robust social media presence.


Mentionlytics features

Mentionlytics is a social media monitoring solution that helps you gauge brand awareness, audience sentiment, and share of voice.

It’s a feature-rich solution that facilitates social listening and enables you to track brand mentions across different platforms through automated alerts.

You can explore the latest trends and know what your competitors are doing to devise high-performing strategies.

The tool also helps you assess the performance of your social media marketing campaigns and measure audience engagement on relevant threads.



Brand24 is one of the leading social media monitoring tools that facilitates social listening and reputation management.

The tool helps you track brand mentions, assess audience sentiment, and explore the latest trends across different platforms.

With Brand24, you can compare your social media activities with your competitors and track the results of your campaigns.

The tool’s powerful analytics capabilities allow you to easily monitor your reach, engagement, and other relevant metrics.

Zoho Social

Zoho social social media monitoring

Zoho Social is a reliable social media monitoring and management tool that enables you to schedule your social media posts on different platforms and track engagement.

The tool helps you focus effortlessly on your brand mentions and explore relevant trends in your respective industry.

With Zoho Social, you can easily gather customer feedback across different platforms and build lasting relationships.

The tool facilitates social listening and allows you to create a custom dashboard to monitor relevant metrics that help you assess your performance.


cyfe homepage

Cyfe is another feature-rich solution for monitoring social media conversations. This monitoring tool helps you create custom dashboards and access relevant insights.

You can track mentions, follower count, reach, engagement, and other key metrics without using different tools. You can monitor relevant key performance indicators through a one-stop solution.

Cyfe helps you gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and make necessary changes. The social media monitoring tool extracts meaningful insights through data visualization, making informed decisions more straightforward.


Brandwatch social listening

Brandwatch is one of the best social media monitoring tools for social media managers to explore relevant insights about their customers and manage their social media activities.

The tool enables you to monitor the latest trends and audience sentiment. You can easily access relevant insights from different social media channels and devise efficient strategies.

Brandwatch makes it easier to track mentions, interact with your audience in real time, and boost engagement.

The tool also helps you monitor industry trends and insights, enabling you to create a personalized social content calendar.


Sendible homepage

With Sendible, you can easily track relevant key performance indicators and gauge your social media performance.

The tool helps you access valuable insights and identify emerging trends, schedule your social media posts, and streamline your content-sharing workflows. The interactive dashboard allows you to access relevant conversations online with minimum effort.

With Sendible, you can effortlessly track brand mentions and explore the latest trends in your respective industry. This helps you interact with your audience effortlessly and ensure high engagement.


Awario dashboard social media monitoring

Awario is an excellent social media monitoring tool for tracking brand mentions and engaging your audience through participation in relevant threads.

With this social media monitoring tool, you can gauge the performance of your content on different social media platforms and make necessary changes to your social media publishing calendar.

The tool helps you assess audience sentiment and grow your reputation online. It also lets you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and find new opportunities on social networks.

Why You Should Monitor Social Media

Many reasons justify the significance of using social media monitoring tools. The following are a few worth mentioning:

Engagement Tracking

Around 43% of people use social media platforms to learn more about their preferred brands and research products they want to purchase. That’s why brands strive to have an active presence on social media.

Having an active presence doesn’t mean just creating a social media page. You must consistently share relevant content and ensure it gets more eyeballs.

Once you know the key social media metrics you’re going to track, it’s essential to keep an eye on how people react to your posts and their participation in the threads you initiate. Monitoring the shareability of your content is also crucial, as it helps you identify the type of content that boosts your reach.

Engagement tracking helps you develop a stellar content strategy, monitor consumer sentiment, and maximize your chances of reaching a wider audience through relevant social media channels.

Competitor Analysis

Another reason that justifies the significance of social media monitoring is the competitive landscape. Social media monitoring is one of the best ways to do competitive analysis. It helps you get acquainted with the changes and learn about the emerging players in your respective industry through competitor analysis.

Staying vigilant on multiple channels enables you to explore your competitors’ tactics to engage the intended audience segment.

You can take inspiration from their activities and plan better to get more mindshare. You know what’s working and what’s not, which saves you a lot of time when devising effective social media strategies.

You can be proactive and learn from the mistakes your competitors made. Furthermore, you can identify the areas where your competitors have taken the lead and make necessary improvements.

competitive report

Industry Trends Monitoring

Social media monitoring helps you monitor industry trends and explore new opportunities for growth. These insights enable you to identify the market gap and outmaneuver your competition.

Social media allows you to easily explore exploding topics and initiate discussions, which can generate more traction on your threads and increase engagement.

You will deliver great content that your audience wants to consume, which will help you establish a strong connection with them.

Keeping an eye on industry trends makes it easier to pivot and tailor your strategies to align with market dynamics. This also helps you ensure continuous improvement, enabling you to modify your solutions to fulfill changing demands or preferences.

Reputation Management

Social media monitoring facilitates sentiment analysis, which helps you prevent bad word of mouth and maintain a good reputation online.

You can see how people perceive you as a brand and assess their likelihood of recommending you to others.

By monitoring your brand mentions closely, you can explore threads where people share their experiences with your brand.

Respond to the positive comments by thanking your audience and letting them know that you plan on continuously improving the experiences you offer. As for the negative comments, I apologize for any inconvenience. Please let people know you’re looking into the matter.

This shows that you care about your customers and will go the extra mile to transform their negative experiences into positive ones, increasing your brand reputation.

Community Building

Social media monitoring helps you understand your target audience and their preferences. It also allows you to explore topics that pique your audience’s interest and drive engagement.

With social media monitoring, you can build your social media strategy using your audience’s feedback and questions that people have been seeking answers to. You can share helpful information and build strong relationships.

You can cater to diverse needs or preferences and create buzz around your brand.

Social media monitoring helps you monitor conversations, address the concerns highlighted by your target audience, and use their feedback to improve the experience you offer.

These initiatives help you build a loyal community and generate traction for your brand through relevant social media channels.

Social Proof

Around 49% of people trust online reviews as if they were recommendations from friends and family. They rely on the experiences of others to avoid making poor buying decisions.

Social media monitoring helps you fuel social proof and drive more conversions. You can explore posts or discussions where people are happy with your experiences through brand mentions.

You can use this information to share testimonials or success stories on your social media pages, which helps you attract and engage more prospects.

Media monitoring campaign

Lead Generation

Around 47% of marketing professionals think social media is an excellent source for generating quality leads. People use their preferred platforms to research things they want to buy and learn about different brands.

Social media monitoring enables you to identify and engage potential customers by sharing personalized content. You can explore people’s questions, provide them with relevant information, and help them make intelligent decisions.

This helps you cultivate trust and thought leadership. You can establish a strong bond with your target audience and generate quality leads for your sales funnel.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: the twelve social media monitoring tools you should consider using to make the most of your activities on different platforms.

The social media monitoring tools recommended in this article will help you keep an eye on brand mentions, monitor industry trends, explore new opportunities, gauge audience sentiment, and track engagement effortlessly.

They facilitate access to relevant insights and pave the way for you to devise efficient strategies that fuel your reach.

So, if you want to grow your reputation online and assess your social performance, the social media monitoring tools recommended in this article may help.

Start with the first of the list, Mention. Get a 14-day free trial or book a demo!

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