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Finding my way back Home – Wicca - The Global Tofay Global Today

This post won’t be detailed information about Wicca. That will be in future posts. Just a little information about my journey so far.

I found Wicca when I was in Junior high school and instantly fell in love with it. I loved that there were Gods and Goddesses, that there was inner power within us, respect for nature and the Earth, and the rituals. I wanted to read as much information as possible. As much as it interested me it also scared me. I was told how evil it was and how they worshipped the devil. I knew it wasn’t true but that fear held for a while.

Some of my religious family members told me I was on my way to Hell. I’m bisexual and Wiccan and was told that both were sinful and evil. It took me years before I slowly started to accept myself. I didn’t really know anyone who practiced Wicca.

I sought others though the internet because that was the only place I could think of. There was a time where there was a New Age shop where I lived in Arkansas but it got closed. I have a good memory of going to a book store and purchasing a book of prayers for Wiccans. The cashier was Wiccan and we chatted for a little bit about it.

I also had a fear of people finding out I was Wiccan and making fun of me or seeing me as foolish for believing in it. I don’t care as much anymore. It feels like I’m going back home by fully allowing Wicca back into my life. I plan to set up an altar and celebrate the holidays and connect with more people online. I’m also trying to meet people where I live who are practicing.

I have a tarot deck that I love. Yes, I believe in Tarot cards and I’m not ashamed in admitting that. I plan to post more about my Wiccan journey on here as well. Being Wiccan is helping me find peace. I think it will be of great help for my mental health.


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