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Give Yourself Some Grace

Taking care of my mental health looks different depending on the day. On the days that I work, my mental health does suffer a bit. That is primarily due to the environment and the long hours. Taking breaks when possible is helpful. I work 12-hour shifts at a hospital, and if I work those shifts back to back, I am usually sleeping most of the day away on my subsequent off day. For me, catching up on sleep is not only necessary, it is a form of self-care. Even though I need my sleep, at times I still feel guilty for not getting anything done on my to-do list. I am still learning to be gentle with myself and that I can’t give anything my all if I am not well rested.

On my next off day, I start slowly chipping away at the list, and sometimes, what I have planned for the day changes. Or, instead of the list getting shorter, it gets longer. It is no easy thing to be employed full-time while also being a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend – oh, and let’s not forget just being myself. I actually have an appointment in a little while, so when you also factor in things like that, it makes getting things done that much more difficult.

I am not saying to make excuses for why you can’t get much of anything accomplished, but what I am saying is that listening to your body and prioritizing your roles and tasks should guide you as you go about your day. I used to overextend myself, always making myself available to others and never considering my own needs. One of my pastors said in a sermon one time, “Take a break before you break.” Following my “break,” I understand those words full well. It doesn’t make the guilt of not being productive any less, however. Perhaps that is because we live in a society that values overworking, hustling, and grinding. There’s a time and place for that, but there’s also a time and place for decompressing, relaxing, and replenishing.

Something I am working towards is taking breaks and not feeling sorry about it. Essentially, I am giving myself some grace. When it is time to get things done, I try to make it feel less like a chore by playing music if I can or by catching up with a friend on the phone. Anything that doesn’t get done, I forgive myself that day and try againt the next.

In what ways do you give yourself grace?



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