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How to encourage healthy body image at school & home - The Global Tofay Global Today

Body image is a complex topic to discuss. Many teenagers and young adults experience some form of unhealthy body image issues including the diet culture.

Social media also plays a part in how our young teens and adults look at themselves. Many desire to be the models and social media influencers they see online. This is all without knowing how these big companies use photo editing to make these so called “models” look good. In turn this creates an issue within ourselves.

Encouraging our teens and young adults to have a healthy form with body image is the best way to go. Also, limiting social media use is another way to avoid looking at these “social media influencers”.

You’re stuck on how to encourage your child at home or student in class to view body image in a healthy way? Lets start here….

Introduce students and children to a variety of images that reflect diverse
• physical abilities
• body sizes
• outward appearances
through reading materials, posters and homework assignments.

Continue to reinforce the message that bodies
come naturally in all shapes, sizes, weights and
colours – and that all bodies are to be respected.

When discussing bullying, include examples,
such as:

  • A child being excluded from the group
  • A child getting teased about his or her weight or shape
  • When teaching about puberty, discuss natural weight gain that preceded major growth spurts for boys and girls

Encourage them to accept their bodies and care
for them by practising healthy habits and being
kind to themselves. Teach them all bodies are good bodies.

Set an example for your kids.

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