new trailer for the latest online version of Christopher Nolan The Global Tofay

new trailer for the latest online version of Christopher Nolan The Global Tofay Global Today

Tenet: new trailer:

The Fortnite game and Christopher Nolan’s fan base might not be the natural crossover that most predict.  And yet, that’s where Warner Bros (and the director) chose to launch the new trailer for his latest action game thriller, Tenet.  Fortunately for those who are not immersed in this virtual world, it is also online in a more conventional sense.

Nolan being Nolan, the intrigue is still a mystery, but we can guess that the central character of John David Washington has the mission to prevent a cataclysm, a conflict described as worse than the Third World War.  And that implies a suspicious group that can be contacted through the use of a word, “principle”.  What follows is a mix of action scenes, “inversion” discussions and a lot of time or reverse actions.  It is not strictly a time travel, however, apparently.  Oh, and there’s Robert Pattinson in a pointy suit, planning to crash an airplane.  But not from heaven.  Quite dramatic, however …

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 Assemble a cast that also includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Debicki and Clémence Poésy plus Kenneth Branagh of Dunkirk and Nolan’s lucky charm, Michael Caine, Tenet is still listed for a July 17 release, although the trailer does  not confirm it.  Which means Warners is still waiting to see if it can actually open in the summer or if it will be delayed later in the year, with the studio release schedule moving like dominoes afterwards.

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