The Pursuit of Results-Centric Digital Marketing: What Is Real Impact? – The Global Tofay

The Pursuit of Results-Centric Digital Marketing: What Is Real Impact? - The Global Tofay Global Today

Digital marketing isn’t just about crunching numbers and strategizing in a vacuum. At Intero Digital, we’re into digging deeper. We’re curious about what really moves the needle for small and mid-market businesses.  

The tricky part is that success is a moving target, so finding the silver bullet is like chasing the end of a rainbow. 

(In my best Lady Whistledown voice) But, dear reader, who doesn’t love a good chase?

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Earlier this year, we surveyed marketing directors, VPs, and CMOs to better understand their goals and pain points. Eighty percent said revenue is their top goal. No surprises there.

But it’s also their biggest challenge. 

The other major challenge is that results are nuanced and real impact means different things to different people. But because I am a true crime junkie and a nosy marketer (💁‍♀️), I have compiled a roster of marketers from all different industries to ask the question: What does impact mean to you?

A few years into my role at Intero Digital, we set out to revolutionize our SEO strategies. At this point, industry standards were depressingly low. Like, keyword-stuffing, spam-tactic depressing. We had always aimed higher but wanted more. How can we help our clients dominate their market? How can we set the standard for SEO?  

To achieve this, we needed more than just visibility; we needed to predict search engine behavior. So we developed and patented InteroBOT®. Over a decade and 100+ iterations later, InteroBOT® has helped generate over $1 billion in additional revenue for our clients. That’s impact. 

On a personal note, August 9, 2016, marked a pivotal change for me. Since that day, I’ve been more interested in the intent, feelings, and motivation behind the human psyche. I’ve been more curious and empathetic. I’m also a lot more patient. That day changed the trajectory of my life and how I think. That was the day my daughter was born. That is impact. 

So what really is impact? A feeling, a figure, a life-changing event? In any case, it has become my mission to find out. 🕵️‍♀️ 

Welcome to the beginning of The Data-Driven Marketer Series: What Drives Real Impact? Follow along as I interview marketers, crowdsource data, and dig in to really define effective digital marketing. 

Because why, dear reader, should we not be in pursuit of better results together?


Are you the opinionated type? Tell me what you think impact is in this poll for marketers and business owners:

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