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Ali Azhar – Decoding QR Codes: Sorts, Purposes, and Their Position in Related Packaging | The Global Today

At the Connected Packaging Summit, Ali Azhar from Tetra Pak took the stage to discuss the rising significance of serialised QR codes in reshaping the world of packaging.


Serialised QR Codes: Not Just a Barcode

These aren’t just your everyday QR codes. Each unique code is assigned to a specific product package, transforming it into a tool for tracking products throughout their journey.

But it’s more than just tracking. These codes hold the key to quality control, sustainability checks, combating counterfeit products, and even gathering insights into consumer behaviours.

For marketers, it’s a dream: imagine tracking consumer behaviour or building loyalty programs based on QR scans.

Static vs. Dynamic: Know the Difference

Azhar simplified QR codes into two types. Static QR codes are straightforward – one code, one piece of content.

However, the dynamic QR codes are where the magic happens. Depending on when or where it’s scanned, it could lead to different content, demanding brands to keep the content updated and relevant.

Efficiency in Implementation: It’s in the Details 

For brands keen on tapping into this tech, the design of the packaging and the placement of the QR code are crucial. Speed, accuracy, and strategic positioning determine whether a customer in-store will scan it.

And with dynamic QR codes in play, brands need to manage these code databases meticulously. But a word of caution from Azhar: beware of fraud in poorly executed campaigns.

TetraPak to the Rescue

Stepping in to aid food and beverage companies, TetraPak plays a pivotal role in this QR revolution.

They offer guidance from selecting the right QR code type to ensuring it’s printed just right. Plus, they’ve got the know-how on running successful QR campaigns.

Winning Over Consumers

To get customers on board, brands need to get creative. Azhar shared campaign gold: entices customers with rewards.

Who wouldn’t want to scan a QR code for a chance at a PlayStation 5 or some coveted Amazon loot?

Goals Matter: Tailoring QR Campaigns

The success of a QR campaign is tied to its objective.

Want engagement? Get consumers to flaunt your product online. Eyeing sales? Dangle the carrot of a tempting prize to get those QR scans.

Peering into the QR Crystal Ball  

The future looks exciting with the emergence of invisible codes and advanced multi-layered QR codes. Integration with the Internet of Things could even see QR codes placing orders for you.

And while the Americas and Asia Pacific are ahead in this race, Azhar predicts Europe and the Middle East won’t be far behind.

Why Brands Should Jump on the Bandwagon

For supply chain enthusiasts, these serialised QR codes are a boon, allowing tracking of any package anywhere in the value chain.

Marketing teams? Direct promotions just got a lot more direct.

Growing Pains: Scaling and Security

But it’s not all smooth sailing. As brands scale, challenges arise. Depending on the QR code type, scalability could be an issue. Azhar places emphasis on security, citing Tetra Pak’s 16-digit encrypted codes.

They also have robust systems for unreadable or lost codes, and backups to prevent data loss. Lastly, the information within should align with traceability standards.

In wrapping up, Azhar’s insights painted a promising picture of QR codes not just as a packaging tool, but as a gateway to a world of information, waiting to be unlocked by a simple scan.

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