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Deforestation Scheme Unmasked: Invoice Gates & CIA-Linked Traders Behind Environmental Mayhem | The Global Today

In a startling revelation, investigative reporter Joshua Philipp of Epoch TV’s Crossroads program has unveiled a disturbing alliance between billionaire Invoice Gates and a gaggle of undisclosed buyers. This shadowy coalition has funneled a staggering $6.6 million into the coffers of a California startup generally known as Kodama Methods, championing a “novel” strategy to the ever-controversial net-zero agenda.

Among the many enigmatic backers lurks a determine by the identify of Jackie Kossman, a accomplice at Congruent Ventures, an funding agency nestled within the coronary heart of San Francisco. What makes her involvement intriguing, if not alarming, is her prior affiliation with In-Q-Tel, a enterprise capital agency intrinsically tied to U.S. authorities intelligence businesses, most notably the CIA.

Now, what diabolical plot is Kodama Methods hatching, you may ask? Brace yourselves for this surprising revelation: they intend to deforest a jaw-dropping seventy million acres, equal to roughly 110,000 sq. miles of our treasured woodlands, in collusion with the U.S. Forest Service. To place this into perspective, that’s an space as huge as the complete state of Nevada! What’s much more astonishing is their intention to squander this invaluable timber quite than addressing the present housing disaster or the exorbitant lumber costs, purportedly pushed by provide and demand imbalances and provide chain disruptions.

In keeping with Philipp, this audacious endeavor goals to obliterate “1 billion tons of bone-dried biomass.” Nonetheless, a nagging query lingers: Are additionally they focusing on dwelling timber? An unsettling report from the MIT Know-how Overview, one other establishment with unsettling ties, echoes issues raised by consultants within the discipline. A long time of aggressive fireplace suppression insurance policies have led to densely overgrown forests within the U.S., exacerbating the chance of catastrophic wildfires after they inevitably strike.

The implications of this collusion between Gates, Kossman, and Kodama Methods are ominous, elevating questions on their true motives and the ecological penalties of such a large deforestation effort.

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