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Thrastherpiece Theater: Satan Story (1986) – Reviewed | The Global Today

Pictures courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome

There are few issues within the international low-budget horror
filmmaking panorama as positively confounding as French director Bernard
Launois’ (in some way) seventh and closing characteristic movie Satan Story, a gloriously
bonkers nonsensical film that roughly is the massive display screen celluloid model
of also-French director Norbert Georges Moutier’s Mad Mutilator which
hit video retailer cabinets three years earlier. 
Equally opening within the type of a backwoods Nazisploitation slasher
earlier than instantly leaping the rails into loopy land in an equally close to
dialogue-free odyssey involving every kind of forehead wrinkling detours and excursions,
like Mad Mutilator earlier than it, shouldn’t be the kind of factor you hunt down for
high quality cinema.  Watching it unfold in
movement, nonetheless, is a bit like experiencing hallucinogens because it segues from one
more and more weird, inane episode to the subsequent.  It actually must be seen to be believed if
you possibly can keep in mind any of it clearly.

The Global Today Thrastherpiece Theater: Satan Story (1986) - Reviewed | The Global Today

Exploding from a tent donned in a Schutzstaffel uniform with
a twisted backbone, hog face and knife is a deranged (masked?) assassin who roams
the Normandy backwoods slaying any and all who cross his path together with however not
restricted to campers close by.  In the meantime a
anonymous couple’s automotive breaks down and so they resolve to spend their evening in a makeshift
resort modified from an outdated fortress. 
Towards warnings of an city legend pertaining to a cursed pirate ship
which crashed into the native cliffs, the uneasy spouse wanders off into the woods
solely to search out herself pursued by the knife wielding deformed Nazi who occurs to
even have a Gypsy mom.  In the meantime a
black horse is demonically possessed and working amok stomping on folks whereas
a hunter helplessly fires spherical after spherical at it whereas not hitting a factor.  Then a toothpaste puking mummy comes out of a
grave within the floor which makes the Nazi salute to an undead Egyptian sorceress
and I feel another shit occurs after that.
Whereas gory and vomitous with some actually very bizarre dying
scenes not to mention killings in a horror film, Satan Story for all of its
audiovisual ineptitude is sort of transfixing. 
Simply what within the title of all that’s Holy is happening right here?!  Actually treading in the identical French footprints
as Mad Mutilator with equally reckless abandon, you watch in bewildered
astoundment reasonably than really feel any supposed “fears” coming off of this
factor.  Each bit as insane as Moutier’s Tremendous
8mm lo-fi batshit horror epic with an equally tinny Casio keyboard rating by
Paul Piot and Michel Roy and woefully inept camerawork by Man Maria and enhancing
by Raymonde Battini, each misstep into unstable floor feels extra stunningly
wrongheaded than the final and also you begin to surprise if Dadaism was secretly the
actual impetus behind this mess. 

The Global Today Thrastherpiece Theater: Satan Story (1986) - Reviewed | The Global Today

You additionally get some actually outlandish performances from its forged,
notably Pascal Simon as no matter you wanna name the principle monster on this factor
faintly resembling a film, with him skulking and limping about growling or
oinking beneath what plainly seems like a latex rubber face masks plastered
over the actor.  I suppose the movie’s
scream queen is performed by Veronique Renaud and boy do her scenes of kicking and
screaming go on and on and on to such a ridiculous diploma the movie nearly dares
us to get offended at its lunacy.  And there’s
some outdated drunkard making an attempt to take his horse out with a shotgun and the movie cuts
to many prolonged scenes of the horse working and neighing round who inadvertently
involves the rescue as a frail outdated lady tries to bury the scream queen alive
utilizing a gravestone that appears heavy in a single shot however is clearly gentle as a
feather within the subsequent.

The Global Today Thrastherpiece Theater: Satan Story (1986) - Reviewed | The Global Today

Silly, thoughts numbing, generally infuriatingly inept, Satan
although working a quick seventy-six minutes is for a majority of
viewers time of their life they gained’t get again. 
On the one hand its incoherent illogical narrative, in case you can name it
such, landed it in a scant few French cinemas to understandably scathingly
unfavorable evaluations and poor enterprise with many attributing it as exemplar of why
French cinema stayed away from horror for years.  Although France would finally take their
extra conservative method to horror to stunning new heights with the New
French Excessive motion giving approach to movies like Bother Each Day or Irreversible,
the cult of Satan Story nonetheless had years to go earlier than lastly discovering an
viewers.  Someday in 2011 nonetheless the
cult started when an actual DVD launch of the movie got here out and a decade later
Vinegar Syndrome gave essentially the most definitive launch attainable with their new 4K
restored disc together with archival making-of extras and chosen scenes
commentary with the director.

The Global Today Thrastherpiece Theater: Satan Story (1986) - Reviewed | The Global Today

Why see this piece of shit? 
Effectively, there’s a mess of causes. 
Very like The Man Who Saves the World aka Turkish Star Wars,
there’s a pleasant nearly communal allure in spectacular creative
failure.  The more serious it will get, the extra we
can’t cease compulsively watching it.  An
unintentional slice of surreal horror as stunningly incompetent filmmaking, Satan
in the proper crowd beneath the proper influences is sort of a
blast.  Not one thing to try to analyze
intellectually or critically, a bit nearer to a bizarre video set up of
random issues taking place as you down one other beer or smoke one other joint whereas
intoxicatedly guzzling down one other slice of pizza, Satan Story is variety
of a cornerstone of batshit cinema that seems like Indonesian black magic
horror retrofitted for the French countryside. 
Roses are pink, violets are blue, I’m a schizophrenic and so am I.

–Andrew Kotwicki

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